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Mike & Erin Johnston
Truth Johnston"

Mural Artists
Austin, TX
Website here

"We’ve been fortunate to work with Danielle on multiple art installations. It has been true every time that she approaches each project with everyone's needs in mind. We love knowing Danielle has our backs and she's been wonderful to work with. She is an awesome problem solver. And she's honest, kind and dependable – everything you’d want in a partner helping execute a creative vision. We hope to continue working with her for some time to come."

Jan Rapisarda
"Cera Street Art"

Mural Artist
Milwaukee, WI
Website here

"My name is Jan and I'm a full time mural painter working in the public field for both corporate projects and community-based projects. I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle on several projects, and she has always been someone I can fully rely on. She is steadfast in her availability and responsiveness, which in our field is so important as things can come up quickly and need to be handled promptly. She's also made a point to preemptively set things up for me, anticipating and solving problems before they develop. She makes sure that I have all the information I need ahead of time before I am working onsite with clients. All in all, Danielle is a rockstar addition to the AU team, and I count myself lucky and thankful to have had so many opportunities to work with her."

Katie Murray
Mural Artist
Dallas, TX
Website here

"Danielle has been an incredible advocate and communicator during my time working with her at A.U. I was very impressed with her prompt responses and professionalism."

Maksim Koloskov
Artist - Architect
Dallas, TX

Website here

"Projects that are run by Danielle are always on my top list. Being an artist and illustrator, I am used to the constant state of chasing the deadlines, but that is not a case when I work with Danielle. Meticulously organized and scheduled projects, with reasonable timelines and such detail and well-put information, that it eliminates any guesswork. If any questions do come up, Danielle's response is always prompt. So whenever Danielle asks me if I have a time for her project, my answer is always - yes!"

Jes Weiner
Mural Artist
Texarkana, TX
Website here

"Working with Danielle was such a great experience! She walked me through Artist Uprising's process and answered all my questions. She was quick to answer when I ran into obstacles at the job site, finding a solution for me quickly! I really enjoyed my experience. I hope to work with her again!"

Gracie Orr
COO, Artist Uprising

Richardson, TX

"Danielle is one of the best people to have on your team. Her detail management, system strategy, communication style, and overall focus bring excellence to any project, company, or team. On top of this, she navigates strategic artist relationships really well. I had the pleasure of working with her on a client project, where we had to move very quickly from start to finish, nearly cutting design development in half for artists we were working with. Danielle approached it with such ease, and even when it was stressful, handled the overall project with a smile on her face. She was honest and transparent, always willing to rise to the occasion to ensure were performing at our best. Truly, it is an honor to have her on the team!"

Shabby Talebi
Business Development Executive, Artist Uprising

Richardson, TX

"Working with Danielle was SUCH a joy! She is very knowledgeable about Art and Curation and was always willing to dive into any project and collaborate with everyone on the team with a positive attitude. She always blew me away with the amount of research she would dedicate to an initiative and how professionally she would present her findings.

On a personal level, she was a wonderful coworker. We worked from different states but I always knew I could lean on her for anything. I looked forward to our biannual in-person meetings and getting to spend time together!

She is an invaluable resource and I know she has a bright and beautiful future ahead of her!"

Morgan Ellsworth
Art Educator 

Milwaukee, WI

"Danielle Paswaters is an intelligent, hardworking, and remarkable student, mother, and curator. She efficiently manages multiple gallery spaces while earning her MA in Art History. Her presentations and scholarship are a brilliant display of her background in business management, while her networking and interpersonal skills are what any gallery space needs to grow. She is a part of numerous social groups and has a heart of gold. Danielle is a true activist and educator and I have had the absolute pleasure of being her colleague."

Heather Hanlon
Program Coordinator, Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum

Sheboygan, WI

"Danielle and I started in the same graduate program in 2018. As a cohort-mate she is collaborative, supportive, curious, and generous. She is also one of the hardest workers I know. She was determined to get as much curatorial experience and Contemporary Art research completed during our program as possible. Because people want to work with her and because she is focused, all of that happened. I would love for her to continue to be my colleague, I would love for her to be my boss, and I would hire her if she applied to work in my department."

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